A platform to enhance the customer experience and engagement inside the store

About Us

The Company

Our Mission: Connect Customers and Merchants when the Customers are inside the store

Things you should know about FaceStore:
  1. FaceStore is a US company based in Silicon Valley with a development center in Vietnam
  2. FaceStore bridges the online & physical worlds in the retail ecosystem
  3. FaceStore has 3 main services with multiple revenue streams
  1. Go to market strategy
    • Build Vietnam as a base market
    • Establish strategic alliances for sales & distribution
    • Future growth and expansion in South East Asia & Japan

Services & Solutions

Social Streaming & Engagement inside restaurants & retailers

Local Ads Network Solution for malls, supermarkets

Engagement Tools & Social Games for events, brand activations

Partners & Clients in Vietnam

Partners & Clients in US

Benefits of FaceStore

What is FaceStore?

For Restaurant Management

FaceStore app is available on Apple and Google stores

5 key functions:
  1. Online and offline content
  2. Easy scheduling
  3. Centralize content management
  4. Data on cloud
  5. Remote control
For Customers

Use the latest technology of Chatbot Messenger to interact with the customers

Benefits of FaceStore

  1. Build awareness of the business
  2. Help customers discover the latest offerings
  3. Tell the story of the business using social media authoring tools
  4. Appeal to customer interest with content related to the business
  1. Drive incremental sales
  2. Upsell via special promotions
  3. Build loyalty and community
  4. Offer in-store specials to attract repeat business
  5. Cross promote other brands, local shops

How Does It Work?

How do merchants enable social engagement inside their physical store?

Cast Business Facebook Pages to a large digital display inside a store

Create customized promotion, announcement & review…

Support Live Streaming Videos

Customers interact with the Big Screen and Smartphone thru a Custom Bot

  • Check Popular Offerings & Daily Deals
  • Browse Testimonials
  • Take Survey

Customers can also:

  • Post selfie & photos
  • Cast fun moments
  • Share experiences to the large screen

Now, the restaurant have a tool to manage its relationship with each customer